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Miyette is a family-owned business by siblings Boris and Roxane Tardy. By shopping at Miyette, you support young French designers and slow fashion.


We avoid over-production by making reasonable quantities. We produce between 30 to 50 pieces per style. Don’t wait up if you like an item!


We entrust the manufacturing of our pieces to a small workshop of fifteen artisans. Based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, this dedicated team meticulously works on every aspect of Miyette pieces, from cutting the fabric to assembling the pieces. With more than 20 years of experience in crafting luxury clothing alongside renowned designers, our workshop makes exceptional pieces for each of our collections.


We select fabrics from suppliers who share our commitments. Our materials are chosen for their quality and European production. We prioritize fabrics made from responsible sources (BCI cotton, Oeko-Tex and GOTS 6.0 prints), recycled materials, and deadstocks.

Our suppliers are in Italy, Portugal, or Bulgaria. Working with European partners allows us to transport our materials and finished products by road, and thus minimize our carbon footprint.

We work with printers that use a green digital printing technology. This technology minimizes water usage during production. The heat from their printing presses is captured and transformed into energy.

GOTS 6.0: The GOTS 6.0 certified inks we use are water-based. No harmful chemicals are used in the printing process. The safety of these inks complies with strict European environmental compatibility standards.
OEKO-TEX PRINTING: Oeko-Tex fabrics are tested and certified free from harmful substances, ensuring consumer safety and environmentally friendly production.
RECYCLED PET & NYLON: Recycled polyester and nylon have reduced environmental impact due to the reuse of plastic waste, resource conservation, and lower carbon emissions compared to virgin polyester production. Using recycled materials reduces fabric production and carbon footprint.
BCI COTTON (Better Cotton Initiative): BCI cotton promotes more sustainable and responsible cotton farming, reducing water usage, chemical inputs, and improving the livelihoods of cotton producers.
DEADSTOCKS: We use textiles sourced from unused stocks of manufacturers or other premium brands.


All our patterns are designed in-house by our designer Boris. He creates all-over patterns that minimize fabric wastage during cutting, unlike placed patterns. Each piece is unique as the pattern placement varies from one item to another.


Orders over €200 are shipped in our exceptional pink boxes stamped with our Miyette logo, made in Turkey. These boxes can be kept and used for storage. Smaller orders are shipped in a 100% cotton pouch made in Italy. As for our cards, they are printed on recycled paper or FSC-certified paper.

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